My name is Conor McMahon. I am a libations creative storyteller and the owner of the Wild Strain. My company was born out of a passion for home brewing and a genuine love of beer. I make my living giving a voice to brands through storytelling, marketing and design.

My love affair for one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages started over a decade ago while I was attending Southern Illinois University. Every week, I would embark on an adventure to Paducah, Kentucky where a delicious, crafted, libation awaited—New Belgium’s Fat Tire. This Belgian-inspired ale was my gateway to craft beer. As I explored more and more styles, my love affair grew even more. Two years after college, I evolved from beer drinker to home brewer. Currently, I have six taps of home brew in the garage, a custom made Brutus Ten System, and a wort line piped into the basement. 

Next came the creation of the Wild Strain. Through this creation I have combine my two passions: beer culture and creating great, results-driven marketing campaigns. With over 10 years experience telling stories about brands, both big and small, and from beer to cereal. We have equipt ourselves with the necessary tools to tell your story. 

When we bring your brewery or beer brand story to life, we take everything into account—the inspiration, the malt build, the strain of yeast, the hop character, the history of the style itself and most importantly you. It is your personal story that makes you truly unique in the marketplace and what we do is amplify it. 

So drop us a line, let’s start telling stories. Cheers.