Sierra Nevada Presents.

A collection of stories through casting a lens on the hidden treasures and gems of the outdoors. We kept our footprint light and efficient to better integrate the adventure. We followed our characters on a journey as they showed us their secret places to play in the outdoors.

SNOW // Club Gloo

The 3rd annual Igloo party in a secret location in the Indian Peaks. Joey Schusler) and his tight knit group of friends will take us on a journey to a secret location. There they will build igloos to spend the night in the Gloo’s. Then the next morning they will hit the backcountry catching turns. Thought the film Sierra Nevada will be highlighted as the beer that explores more as you enjoy a great experience outdoors.


All human powered adventure with Steve Fassbinder aka Doom his girlfriend in the desert southwest. There they will show us the Dirty Devil River which only flows for a week or two a year. They bike to the put-in of the float~20 miles or so and then float/camp on the river. We will follow them as they pass through some incredible slot canyons and finish with Sierra Nevada the beer that explores more.